Private Pilot Flight Training

We specialise in Private Pilot Flight Training and can cater for all your requirements.

Our reputation precedes us in delivering first class in-cockpit training for our own specialist courses, ranging from Advanced Training that you will not be able to find anywhere else, through to formal differences training and ratings, refresher training, and courses for the non-pilot such as "From FEAR 2 Flight" and the "Co-Pilot" course.

We keep right up-to-date with current topics within General Aviation, and the Hot Topic at the moment is Controlled Airspace Infringements. Instead of dealing with the aftermath, check out for yourself what we have to offer in a proactive way to help ensure your lience doesn't become a casualty! See our Infringement Avoidance short course.

A full selection of training is available from the menu selection at the top of each page, including some help on best practice.

Prices for each course are included on each individual course page.

About Us

Easy PPL Flight Training have over 30 years of experience in the areas we offer flight training.

As a Private Pilot, as a Flying Instructor, and as a Flight and Ground Examiner, we have all you need to further your skill-set and experience.

We don't just teach you techniques; we also teach you life-saving decision-making, best practice, and that illusive pilot quality - "Airmanship".

Our ethos is that we believe if you don't land with a smile on your face, we haven't done our job properly.

You can get in touch with us in all sorts of ways; email, social media, or for that personal touch - by phone.


We look forward to helping you!

About Us

Formal Training

We offer formal training for all official "Differences Training" required by EASA and UK licence holders that include Tailwheel, Retractable Undercarriage, Variable Pitch Propellers, Single Power Lever Control (ECU/FADEC), Super/Turbo-Charged Engines, and Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS - aka "Glass Cockpit").

Training for additional Licence Ratings such as the Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating (IMC - IR(R)), Night, Aerobatics and the full Instrument Rating (IR) can also be accommodated.

It goes without saying we can also offer refresher and brush-up training for all of these, as well as Examiner capabilities for most of these plus Licence Skills Tests and Licence Proficiency Checks (see our Easy PPL Examiner Services).


Formal Training

Other Courses

Many of the courses we offer are just too good to miss because no-one else does anything like them, such as the "Advanced PPL Course".

We can also offer in-flight education on all sorts of aircraft equipment - either portable or built-in, ranging from GPS systems to Autopilots and Navigation Equipment.

We also cater for non-flyers and offer a valuable and successful service in the forms of personalised "From FEAR 2 Flight" courses (to help those nervous or petrified of flying), and also the "Co-Pilot Course" for people who regularly fly with pilots in General Aviation aircraft.

Our success rates and positive feedback from students and customers is second to none.



Other Courses