The Short Strip Course


Real flying!

It's all very well learning the techniques involved, but the first time you go into or out of a truly short strip, you'll be rightly concerned!

We make use of local farm strips and other airfields that have awkward approaches to give you a real-life taster of what it's like while you learn the art.

We have a variety of aircraft we can make use of for this course, and we try to match your experience with the aircraft concerned. Yes, we can even use your good old trusty training cessna or robin to do this if you like.

See below for further information.



Remember that you are being instructed by an instructor with an enviable reputation for delivering results to you. Our personal objective is to make sure you land with a smile on your face. If you don’t – we haven’t done our job properly.

There are three options for our instructional charges; £50 per hour, £150 per half-day, or £250 per full day.

If you want us to come to you, just add our travelling and accommodation (at cost).

The aircraft costs are extra; you can use your own aircraft, hire from a training organisation local to you, or hire from a training organisation local to us.


Where can I do this course?

It makes sense for you to come to us to do this course, since we have arrangements with several local farm strips, or airfields with awkward approaches that will be used.


Which Aircraft can I use?

You can use your own or syndicate aircraft, which in some ways, is better since you'll become really familiar with it as part of the course! We obviously need to check the performance of your aircraft fits the strips we will be using!

If you belong to a flying club already, most organisations are happy for us to instruct in their aircraft if that's an option you'd like to pursue.

If you need to hire an aircraft locally to us, we have access to a variety of aircraft types and training organisations. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, we can also incorporate a checkout onto a different type of aircraft as part of the course too! That even includes tailwheel conversions. We can arrange for use of a Piper Cub if necessary for the course at various locations.