Type Conversions


Even though legally your PPL lets you fly any aircraft within a given CLASS RATING, most people are eminently sensible and have a good checkout on type with an instructor before flying by themselves.

You also need to bear in mind the following regulations (some relatively new) that affect this type of activity, namely:

  • You need formal training with an instructor before you fly any aircraft that requires official Differences Training
  • EASA Regulation PART.NCO forbids any non-standard or practice emergencies (such as system failures or practice forced landings), or practice instrument flight with passengers on board. Remember that since the aircraft we fly are termed 'single pilot', this means that anyone else on board is a passenger - which includes the 'group syndicate pilot' who say they can 'check you out'. They can't. It must be an instructor (who is not classed as a passenger).

You'll be pleased to know we have a huge wide-ranging experience in all sorts of aircraft, including some single-seat. We regularly fly a Yak52 doing aerobatic displays, and are happy to specifically do Yak type conversions (including formation). Click here to see a few of the types we've flown.

  • Cessna (all types)
  • Piper (all types)
  • Robin
  • Tiger Moth
  • Beagle Pup
  • Jodel
  • Spitfire
  • Pitts Special
  • Wassmer
  • Air Coup
  • Rockwell Aero Commander
  • Bulldog
  • Yak
  • Cassutt Racer
  • Maule
  • Auster
  • Mooney
  • Citabria
  • Cap
  • Andreasson
  • TB9, 10, 200
  • Alpha 120T
  • Europa
  • Sports Cruiser
  • Staggerwing
  • Replica FW190
  • RV (various models)
  • FLS Sprint
  • Fourney
  • SR20
  • Navion
  • DA40
  • Harvard
  • ME108

Even if the type of aircraft you need converting to is not included above, we are more than happy to come and check you out on type due to the experience we have. We do all the homework for you first!

If you like, we can even produce a check-list for you that incorporates the requirements of the manufacturer, and standard good practice (which some manufacturers are lacking in).

See below for further information.



Remember that you are being instructed by an instructor with an enviable reputation for delivering results to you. Our personal objective is to make sure you land with a smile on your face. If you don’t – we haven’t done our job properly.

There are three options for our instructional charges; £50 per hour, £150 per half-day, or £250 per full day.

If you want us to come to you, just add our travelling and accommodation (at cost).

The aircraft costs are extra; you can use your own aircraft, hire from a training organisation local to you, or hire from a training organisation local to us.


Where can I do this?

We are more than happy to come to you wherever you are since in theory, you won't be flying the aircraft concerned until you're checked out on it!

However, in case you want to come to us (because we have access to the type of aircraft you need a checkout on), we normally operate in Essex, with relatively easy access to the airfields in the area. We teach (and examine) regularly (either as part of a club or freelance) at Earls Colne, Andrewsfield, North Weald, Duxford, Crowfield and Cambridge. There are numerous smaller airfields available such as Elmsett, Clacton, Rougham and Great Oakley within easy reach. Southend and Stapleford are also possible.


Which Aircraft can I use?

Usually, you'll use your own or syndicate aircraft since this will be the whole objective - of learning the new type.

However, if you belong to a flying club already and they have the type you wish to convert to, most organisations are happy for us to instruct in their aircraft if that’s an option you’d like to pursue.

We may also be able to find the same type of aircraft locally to us in case that may be of interest to you. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.