Formal Training


Formal Training covers courses of flight instruction that result in a Rating being issued on your licence, or a certificate in your log book to record that Difference Training has been formally completed.

We also offer Other Training that covers advanced courses, refresher courses, and special courses (even for the non-pilot).


We can offer training that allows you to add various ratings to your Private Pilots Licence.

Generally speaking, Ratings have to be undertaken at an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), or a Declared Training Organisation (DTO).

We are able to offer these ratings by being a registered instructor at local airfields to enable you to complete your training with us, through those facilities.

Each of the dedicated pages for the ratings below contain more information, including a "Frequently Asked Questions and Prices" section for each course.

We can offer you training (and examinations where needed) in the following:

Differences Training

This type of training is a formal requirement that can be carried out by independent instructors, outside of an ATO or DTO.

Differences Training is certified in your log book (not on your licence) as proof of training for the following official differences: