Co-Pilot Course


If you fly regularly as a passenger with someone in a light aircraft, then this course may well interest you!

Aimed particularly at couples who fly together, it would make sense if the non-pilot could actually fly, get help, and land the aircraft in an emergency.

That's exactly what this course does.

The co-pilot is taught to do just that. To fly from their right-hand seat, to get assistance via the radio, follow 3-D directions, and to finally land the aircraft safely.

We teach you life-saving basics that will get you all home safely. We make the training relevant, reliable, and realistic!

On completion of the course, you'll get a certificate as a reminder of an achievement you will be proud of. Some people even go on from there to gain their Private Pilots Licence as a result.

There is no time limit to the course, and the time it takes to reach a standard where you get a certificate varies with individuals. However; even some training is better than none, and can only be beneficial to everyone in the aeroplane.

See below for further information.


The Syllabus

We have created our very own syllabus for this course that is unique. We won't waste your time or your money. The structore of the course is specifically designed for fast track, safe progress to enabling you to achieve the course objective: To communicate, fly and land safely.

  • Practical Flying
    • Straight and Level
    • Instrumentation
    • Climbing/Descending to Altitudes
    • Turning onto Headings
  • Getting Help
    • Use of the Radio
    • Use of the Transponder
  • Landing
    • Approach Techniques
    • Aircraft Configuration
    • Landing
  • Emergencies
    • Go-Arounds
    • Stall Recovery


Remember that you are being instructed by an instructor with an enviable reputation for delivering results to you. Our personal objective is to make sure you land with a smile on your face. If you don’t – we haven’t done our job properly.

There are three options for our instructional charges (inc VAT); £75 per hour, £240 per half-day, or £420 per full day.

The aircraft costs are extra; you can use your own aircraft, hire from a training organisation local to you, or hire from a training organisation local to us.


Where can I do this course?

We are more than happy to come to you wherever you are! However, we normally operate in Essex, with relatively easy access to the airfields in the area. We teach (and examine) regularly (either as part of a club or freelance) at Earls Colne, Andrewsfield, North Weald, Duxford, Crowfield and Cambridge. There are numerous smaller airfields available such as Elmsett, Clacton, Rougham and Great Oakley within easy reach. Southend and Stapleford are also possible.


Which Aircraft can I use?

You can use your own or syndicate aircraft, which in some ways, is better since you'll become really familiar with it as part of the course!

If you belong to a flying club already, most organisations are happy for us to instruct in their aircraft if that's an option you'd like to pursue.

If you need to hire an aircraft locally to us, we have access to a variety of aircraft types and training organisations. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.